The Ska-ndal of Pentecost

Back in the mid 90's when bookstores were still a thing – Christian bookstores in particular – I would whittle away weekday afternoons perusing the CD shelves for music I hadn't heard yet. I was the annoyingly unaware customer who spent hours walking around with the store's only CD player in a double, sometimes triple, elimination tournament between 6 or 7 CDs, the winner of which I would crown with a place on my cd shelf. One afternoon I came across a multi-colored CD in the “Alternative” section (the catch-all for everything your parents were sure to hate) called “Five Iron Frenzy: Upbeats and Beatdowns.” I could tell from the album cover they were a ska band: bright colors, weird fonts, cartoonish drawings. They had the makings of everything I was sure to love. Or hate. Or be indifferent to. Quality control was lacking in mid 90's Christian music. The mindset from the few Christian rock/alternative labels seemed to be “let's throw as much stuff up against the wall as we can and see if any sticks.” Most didn't, but some did. And a couple really did. (Click HERE for the rest of the article)

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